How to Apply

The 2019 program is closed. Please check back in mid-December for the opening of the 2020 program.

An application to the Heroes' Legacy Scholarship Program is submitted online. To get started, you will create an account with your email address and a password (8 characters or longer with at least one number and one special character).

You will need the following:

  • Transcript or copy of your grades
  • Documents that verify the death, eligibility to receive Traumatic Service members Group Life Insurance (TSGLI), or disability of the sponsor.
  • The DD214 or DD1300 that shows the sponsor's dates of service
  • Re-applicants: The letter from Scholarship Managers provides a 9-digit code. This code allows you to skip re-submitting the DD214 or DD1300 forms; however, you will still need to create a new user account and application.

Helpful hint! You can save your application and log back in to finish and submit.

Check back mid-December for the online application